2014 Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation

SSIAI 2014 | April 6-8, 2014 | Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites | San Diego, California, USA | http://www.ssiai.org


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Vision Research Lab

B.S. Manjunath

Director,Center for Bio-Image Informatics

Professor and Vice-Chair, Dept. of ECE

University of California, Santa Barbara

Recent advances in microscopy imaging, image processing and computing technologies enable large scale scientific experiments that generate not only large collections of images and video, but also pose new computing and information processing challenges. These include providing ubiquitous access to images, videos and metadata resources; creating easily accessible image and video analysis, visualizations and workflows; and publishing both data and analysis resources. Further, contextual metadata, such as experimental conditions in biology, are critical for quantitative analysis. Streamlining collaborative efforts across distributed research teams with online virtual environments will improve scientific productivity, enhance understanding of complex phenomena and allow a growing number of researchers to quantify conditions based on image evidence that so far have remained subjective. With these in mind, I will describe the BISQUE (Bio-Image Semantic Query and Environment) open-source platform for integrating image collections, metadata, analysis, visualization and database methods for querying and search. We have developed new techniques for managing user-defined data models for biological datasets, including experimental protocols, images, and analysis. Bisque is currently used in many laboratories around the world and is integrated into the iPlant cyber-infrastructure which serves the plant biology community. For more information see Bisque


B. S. Manjunath received the B.E. degree (with distinction) in electronics from Bangalore University, Bangalore, India, in 1985, the M.E. degree (with distinction) in systems science and automation from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 1987, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, in 1991. He is now a Professor of electrical and computer engineering and Director of the Center for Bio-Image Informatics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His current research interests include image processing, data hiding, multimedia databases, and Bio-image informatics. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed articles on these topics and is a co-editor of the book Introduction to MPEG-7 (Wiley, 2002). He was an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Multimedia, Information Forensics, the IEEE Signal Processing Letters and is currently an AE for the BMC Bio Informatics Journal. He is a co-author of the paper that won the 2013 Transactions on Multimedia best paper award and is a fellow of the IEEE.




SSIAI 2014 | April 6-8, 2014 | San Diego, CA, USA |