Ph.D. Dissertations

Yuebing Jiang May 2014 Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures and Systems for Time-varying Image Constraints (DRASTIC) for Image and Video Compression.
John Hoffman July 2013 A Dynamically Reconfigurable Parallel Processing Framework with Application to High-Performance Video Processing (PDF)
Carla Paola Agurto Rios Dec 2012 Detection and Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Pathologies in Fundus Images (PDF)
Daniel Rolando Llamocca Obregon May 2012 Dynamically Reconfigurable Management of Energy, Performance, and Accuracy applied to Digital Signal, Image, and Video Processing Applications (PDF)
Sergio Murillo May 2010 Global Optimization Methods for Full-Reference and No-Reference Motion Motion Estimation With Applications to Atherosclerotic Plaque Motion and Strain Imaging (PDF)
Oliver Jeromin May 2009 Optimal Spectral Reconstructions from Deterministic and Stochastic Sampling Geometries using Compressive Sensing and Spectral Statistical Models (PDF)
Victor Manuel Murray Herrera Dec 2008 AM-FM Methods for Image and Video Processing (PDF)
Janakiramanan Ramachandran Dec 2008 Image Analysis of Wood Core Using Instantaneous Wavelength and Frequency Modulation
Guillermo A. Vera May 2008 A Dynamic Arithmetic Architecture: Precision, Power and Performance Considerations
Hongang Yu Dec 2006 A 3-D Multi-View Freehand Ultrasound Reconstruction System Using Volumetric Registration and Geometric Level Set Segmentation
Eduardo S. Barriga Aug 2006 Spatiotemporal Independent Component Analysis with Applications to Optical Imaging
Paul Rodriguez V. Aug 2005 Fast and Accurate AM-FM Demodulation with Applications
Jeff Kern May 2003 Multispectral Image Registration using Mutual Information

M.Sc. Theses

Cebastian Westrom May 2015 Representing Digital Images as Surfaces Using a Differential Geometric Model
Gangadharan Esakki July 2014 Dynamic Switching of GOP Configurations in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) using Relational Databases for Multi-objective Optimization (PDF)
Cherish A. Franco Dec 2013 “Lesson Plan and Workbook for Introducing Python Game Programming to Support the Advancing Out-of-School Learning in Mathematics and Engineering (AOLME) Project
Paul Essenmacher July 2011 A real-time, reconfigurable system for energy, error-resilient, and scalable lossless ECG coding (PDF)
John Hoffman Aug 2009 High-Speed Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (PDF)
Mihaelik, Andrew Aug 2007 Optimal Digital Filter Design for Dispersed Signal Equalization (PDF)
Benjamin Mar Aug 2007 SIMD Pipelined Processor Implemented on an FPGA (PDF)
Craig Kief May 2006 XUP-UNM Educational Platform-Large Scale Prototyping Platform
Steve M. Drescher Jr. Aug 2005 Feature Extraction for Improved Efficacy and Precision of a Robust and Automatic Image Registration Method
Oliver Jeromin Aug 2005 Variogram Methods for Texture Classification and Segmentation
Rob Warrick May 2005 Multisensor Multitarget Tracking Detected from Noisy Images with a CumulativeTrack Score Method for Real time Applications
Harini Muralidharan Aug 2003 Lossless Image Compression and Nodule Detection in Chest Radiographs
Janakiramanan Ramachandran May 2003 Hierarchical Lung Image Segmentation
Balaji Raman Dec 2001 Image Processing Algorithm Analysis for the Intel Pentium-III Architecture

M.Sc. Reports

G. Sandine July 2015 Image Classification with the Flat Norm
H. Pavuluri July 2015 Classification of Motion of Carotid Bifurcation Plaques
A. Delgado April 2015 Selecting Solar Models by Matching Coronal Holes
H. Nasrabadi Dec 2014 Measurement of Motion of Carotid Bifurcation Plaques
P. Ortiz May 2014 A Scalable, Low, Power Implementation of the Chirp-Z Transform in an FPGA for Real-time Image Formation
Y. Jiang Dec 2013 Dynamically Reconfigurable DCT Architectures Based on Bitrate, Power, and Image Quality Considerations
C. Carranza Dec. 2012 GPU Acceleration for Multiscale AM-FM Decompositions for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Kirk Bennett May 2012 Diabetic Retinopathy Image Analysis